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Barcelona, January 24th 2020 


Solidarity campaign launched during Castell de Peralada Festival

Fundació Castell de Peralada gets € 25,000 to contribute to
the fight against Alzheimer of Fundació ACE


•    The contributions received during the Festival's opening night will be used to finance a research project of Fundació ACE

•    In accordance with its commitment to culture, sustainability and solidarity, Fundació Castell de Peralada promotes multiple projects to bring improvements to society



Fundació Castell de Peralada has obtained a total of € 25,000 that will be used to contribute to Alzheimer's research that is carried out at Fundació ACE, an entity dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and investigation of dementia.

The collection, obtained through the donations of the guests to the opening night of the International Music Festival of Peralada, will be used to finance the NORFACE project that Fundació ACE Research Unit has been carrying out for five years. The study analyzes the relationship between the thickness of the retina and the deterioration in order to determine if it is possible to diagnose Alzheimer's disease early through the study of the retina.

Dr. Mercè Boada, co-founder and medical director of Fundació ACE, has thanked "the commitment and fidelity of Fundació Castell de Peralada and its president, Isabel Suqué, in the fight against Alzheimer." Likewise, she stressed the importance of “recognized entities such as Fundació Castell de Peralada collaborate with this cause and help us to make it visible”.

Meanwhile, Isabel Suqué, Fundació Castell de Peralada's president, has reiterated “our commitment to Alzheimer's research is capital and our will is firm and determined to continue supporting the fight of this disease that increasingly affects more people".

Music, quality of life for people with dementia

Both entities collaborate since 2014 in awareness raising and fundraising projects and, this year, they presented at the Alzheimer Europe Conference the project "Music for memory" of Festival of Peralada.

Dr. Mercè Boada emphasizes that “the collaboration of society is a key piece in the fight against the disease and it is with the objective of involving the public that initiatives such as those of Fundació Castell de Peralada against Alzheimer's disease serve to improve the quality of life of people living with the disease and, at the same time, to sensitize the population and make everyone more aware when it comes to detecting dementia in their environment ”.

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