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Barcelona, June 3rd 2020 


Early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Fundació ACE promotes free memory checks via video call during deescalation


•    The entity has been carrying out free memory tests for 12 years with the aim of early detection of Alzheimer's

•    Anyone over the age of 50 who wishes to do so can undergo free neuropsychological examinations and tests carried out by the foundation's professionals



Fundació ACE- Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center has set up a free telematic memory review service. The organization, which has already reviewed the memory of more than 3,500 people at its facilities free of charge, has studied and implemented the option of passing the same test by means of a video call. The neuropsychology team of Fundació ACE will administer the test to the people who request their memory review.

Any person over 50 years old can request their own memory check-up by emailing or calling 93 430 47 20.

"Confinement and the current situation of exceptionality can cause stress and emotions that make us worry about our cognitive performance", says Dr. Alba Benaque, general director of Fundació ACE. "That is why we offer the possibility of free memory checks, to detect early deterioration, if any, and to offer peace of mind to people who are concerned about their memory".

A project for early detection

The Open Day project that began in 2008 emphasizes the importance of promoting early diagnosis of memory loss. With this initiative, the entity aims to focus on the early detection of the disease, when it is still possible to intervene in the progression of Alzheimer's in the short and medium term. 

In the last year alone, a total of 402 people have been treated in the Foundation's Diagnostic Unit - made up of neurologists, neuropsychologists and psychologists - as part of the scheduled free visits, a figure that doubles the number of memory checks carried out in 2018, a total of 196. 

The people who have come to Fundació ACE for free memory checks have received a full assessment of their cognitive performance: in 2019, 7% showed no impairment and 45% had a subjective cognitive impairment -in other words, they have the feeling that their cognitive functions have deteriorated, but their performance on neuropsychological tests is within the normal range. 

On the other hand, 45% showed mild cognitive impairment, with cognitive changes that are not justified by age but are the result of some medical condition -either Alzheimer's disease or others- and finally, 3% of the people who underwent a memory check were diagnosed with dementia.

Any person over 50 can obtain an assessment of memory, language and other cognitive functions, through the neuropsychological checks and tests that the professionals of the entity carry out. It is only necessary to contact the ACE Foundation and request a date and time to do so. 

Taking care of our memory, a priority

Faced with a disease for which there is currently no cure and which affects more and more people, making a diagnosis of dementia in mild stages, when there is still time to act, is a priority for both society and Fundació ACE. It is with this aim that initiatives such as the Open Days are promoted. 

Dr. Mercè Boada, medical director and co-founder of Fundació ACE, insists that "reviewing our memory should have the same importance as a sugar or cholesterol test". In this sense, Dr. Boada reminds us that "early detection of the disease is fundamental, as it gives us the opportunity to act on its progression".

Fundació ACE has been carrying out free memory tests for the last 12 years to encourage these examinations and to put them into practice, as they are aware of the need to carry out memory studies in order to find out about people's cognitive performance and to detect any deterioration.  

The Foundation's experts affirm that there is still a significant percentage of people with dementia who have not been diagnosed and who, therefore, do not receive treatment or attention appropriate to their situation. 

More information at this link.