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Barcelona, September 3th 2020 


September, World Alzheimer’s Month 

'Give a memory' a campaign from Fundació ACE to commemorate the World Alzheimer's Month

  • Fundació ACE droves an initiative to raise awareness within spanish society about the significance of having good cognitive health.      
  • Memory loss is one of the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects more than 50 million people worldwide.


Fundació ACE, a non-profit entity at the service of people with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, has begun ‘Give a Memory’ campaign with the aim of giving visibility to Alzheimer, a dementia whose affects more than 50 million people worldwide and represents one of the biggest challenges in medical research.  

‘Give a Memory' campaign has started in September, the World Alzheimer’s Month, and proposes a reminiscence exercise, habitual technique in stimulation therapy for people who suffers from Alzheimer. “It seems more important to take care of our physical health (pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol monitoring) rather than working on our memory or activating our brain”, says Dra. Boada, founding member and chief medical officer. “Revising what we remember and express our memories helps to maintain a healthy cognition”.  

Fundació ACE encourages people to share any significative moment of their lives through this anonymous form. Throughout this month in where we conmemorates the World Alzheimer’s Day – September 21st - the institution will publish in their social networks all the memories received.  

The fourth health problem worldwide according to WHO 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common dementia. Nowadays, it affects 50 million people worldwide. According to Spanish Ministry of Health, more than 800,000 people have been diagnosed in our country. By 2050 the number of cases will ascent to 132 millions of patients in the world.  

Alzheimer is characterised by the slowly progression of its symptoms: memory loss, personality and behaviour changes and problems with language and orientation.  

In general, Alzheimer is diagnosed in people over 65 years, though we have early detection cases greater and greater. At present, the cause has not been identified and there is no cure.  

Since 2008, Fundació ACE provides free memory tests in people over 50 years with the aim to promote early detection.  

Those medical examinations consist in 45 minutes of cognitive test supervised by Fundació ACE neuropsychologist. 

Through our free memory tests some patients have been early detected with symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss. For that reason, they have the opportunity to start clinical circuit early in order to take suitable measures that allow to delay the progress of the disease.  

More than 3,000 people have been evaluated since we began with this initiative.  

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