Online exercises

Objectives: To intervene in numerical processing.

Instructions: Read the following statements, ensuring that your family member is paying attention.

– Say a number between 34 and 41
– Say a number between 321 and 327

– What numbers are between 65 and 72?
– What numbers are between 724 and 728?

– Say a number greater than 13 and smaller than 34
– Say a number greater than 655 and smaller than 878

– Say two numbers that come before 900
– Say two numbers that come after 534

Objectives: To intervene in executive functions

Instructions: Ask them how the following group of words are differentiated.

– A bee and an ant
– A handball and a basketball
– A sofa and an armchair
– An air conditioner and a heater
– A pen and a pencil

Objectives: To intervene in executive functions.

Instructions: Ask them to say or write at least two necessary steps:


– To change a wheel on a car
– To have a shower
– To prepare breakfast
– To find a street

Objectives: To intervene in biographical memory and praxis.

Instructions: Ask the family member to write about some event from their past.

If they don’t know what to write about, you can suggest topics like their communion, their wedding day, their first child...

Objectives: Cognitive intervention in working memory, language and attention span.

Instructions: You can tell your family member that they are going to do an exercise where they must repeat phrases that you read to them. To do that, they must pay attention to each sentence.


– Elena and Antonio are expecting a baby.
– Lisbon aquarium is very nice.
– My sister Silvia works in a medical centre.
– These holidays, we are going on a long trip abroad.
– I need sun cream to go to the beach.
– Marcos works in the neighbourhood post office.
– We need to make an appointment to go to the dentist’s.
– This summer has been really hot.
– We are going to buy prawns and langoustines to make a paella.
– We are going to plant coloured daisies in the garden.