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Women and science: a lecture by Dr. Mercè Boada at Viladecans


About women and science will discuss the next conference of the neurologist and medical director of Fundació ACE, Mercè Boada. The City Council of Viladecans celebrates several activities framed in the celebration of May 28, the international day for the health of women. One of these activities is the conference on women and science to be held next Tuesday, May 23. The activities that the City Council leads can be followed on the same website. Dr. Boada will explain her career as a scientific woman in the field of research. As is well known, this is an area in which the percentage of women is significantly lower than that of men due to the difference in wages and difficult reconciliation with personal life. In addition, the doctor will present an approach to Alzheimer's disease from a gender perspective. Data such as 70% of people affected by Alzheimer's are women, will be analyzed during the day. Dr. Ricard Calle will be accompanying Dr. Boada at the table as the equal regidor and Mrs. Montserrat Turgas representing the entity Agrupació Dones del segle XXI. The City Council of Viladecans also celebrates the 28th as part of its program of support and vindication of the role of women that began on March 8.


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