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More than 60 caregivers participate in an online session on therapeutic exercise

Marta Bisbe, coordinator of the Fundación ACE’s Physiotherapy Unit, and Roger Arbós, physiotherapist of the Day Care Unit, explained to more than 60 caregivers and family members of users of the Day Care Unit the benefits of therapeutic exercise in improving cognitive functions.

Specifically, it has been discussed the prevention of risk factors and protective habits against dementia, including regular physical activity. Among the various benefits that exercise gives us is the improvement of physical condition to avoid falls in elderly people, facilitate social interaction and the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases or cognitive and depressive disorders.

At Fundación ACE we attach great importance to physiotherapy as a means of improving the well-being of the person with dementia. In our Day Center and Day Hospital we work with our users in various areas such as balance and coordination, mobility, muscular strength, walk, aerobic capacity, relaxation and ventilatory capacity.

The objectives of physiotherapy at Fundación ACE are, fundamentally: to improve cognitive functions through movement, to preserve balance and mobility, to maintain muscle strength and joint mobility, preserve the capacity for tolerance in the effort of activities of daily life and prevent and diagnose dysphagia.

Regular training for family members and caregivers

Fundación ACE's Day Care Unit organizes training aimed at family members of caregivers with the aim of providing tools for the care and well-being of a person with dementia.

These online sessions complement our Caregivers Space, a series of online sessions that the Social Work area of Fundación ACE launched in 2019 with the purpose of supporting and training the relatives of a person who has just been diagnosed with dementia.

The calendar of the next sessions of the Day Care Unit is:

  • May: Resources and assistance available. Formalities.
  • July: Entertainment of a person with dementia at home.
  • September: Behavioral disorders.
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