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More than 400 neurologists meet in Barcelona

The Biennial Conference Barcelona - Pittsburgh took place in Barcelona last week, from 25 to 27 May. It was held this year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Catalan Society of Neurology (SCN), in the World Trade Center building in Barcelona.

One of the novelties of this research was a matter of subjective memory complaints and the relationship of those with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, which represented one of the central themes of the conference. In particular, the tenth edition of the Conference studied the predictive capacity of these memory complaints.



According to Dr. Merce Boada the same, director of the Conference and Medical Director of Fundació ACE, have been identified as risk factors to get treatment to treat a person with the same symptoms long before the onset of the disease will be investigated.

Also, the president of the Catalan Society of Neurology, Jerzy Krupinski, explained that this conference presents developments in each of the areas of neurology, as well as "new possibilities" for rare diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, "which usually terminals on many occasions. "

Also during the conference, was awarded the IV Fundació ACE Joan Boada Rovira i Merce Dr. William Klunk, co-discoverer of Pittsburgh compound essential to identify beta-amyloid plaques in the brain.

On Friday 27, in parallel with the celebration of the Barcelona-Pittsburgh Biennial Conference, it was held the annual meeting of the Mediterranean Alzheimer's Alliance (MAA), which is the association that brings together centers from countries in the Mediterranean area to deal with common issues and to exchange experiences and knowledge. The meeting was attended by representatives of different countries such as France, Monaco, Italy, Lebanon, Greece, Croatia or Egypt, among others.




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