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The II edition of Estimul'Art programme begins

The second edition of Estimul'art began on October 16 and will last until May 6. Organizers -Foundation ACE, Frederic Marès Museum and the Museum of History of Barcelona (MUHBA) - have prepared 18 sessions: nine on each one of the museums.

The participants are patients of the Day Hospital of the Fundació ACE. They are divided into small groups of people who are in the first two stages of the disease and can perform this kind of activities. These individuals share socio-cultural characteristics and are more or less the same age.

The 2015-2016 version of the programme, which began last year, incorporates new elements for patients; such as making the route with a map highlighting the key elements (buildings, monuments, streets...). This exercise was designed to take advantage of the before, during and after the visit to the museums, enabling work on spatial orientation.

The beneficiaries of the first edition of Estimul'Art scored with a 14'9 / 15 on a scale of assessment for non-pharmacological therapies.

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