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The US doubles budget for research against Alzheimer’s

President Barack Obama has signed a budget of 936 million dollars in 2016 aimed at research against Alzheimer’s disease. This item doubles 2015 and is the first time that a country allocates such amount to finance research against degenerative diseases.

“It’s a milestone for the research community in the United States,” so described Maria Carrillo, scientific director of the Alzheimer’s Association of the USA.

Also democrat candidate for the next presidential elections, Ms. Hillary Clinton, wanted to close the current president in this regard and said that, although her commitment to allocate two billion a year for research is not the only measure to be taken. Announced several proposals to support economic and social carers, who said, plays an important role in the daily care of patients and who play a critical role in his life.

Almost two thirds of people over 65 have Alzheimer’s disease, most are women. Also most carers in the US are young women between 30 and 50 years, with an income not exceeding 50,000 dollars. They have the emotional charge that carries the disease added to the economical charge, according to Ms.Clinton.

African Americans and Hispanic elderly are more likely to develop it than whites. Overall, about 5.3 million Americans have the disease, and the costs amounted to two hundred and twenty-six million dollars a year.

The neurologist Rudolph Tanzi emphasizes that Alzheimer’s has the ability to block the entire Medicare system, in economic terms. And if from 2000 to 2013 deaths from heart diseases have decreased 14%, cases of Alzheimer’s patients have grown 71%.

This new budget, signed by the current president, wants to fund research to find a solution to this problem that affects more than 47 million people worldwide, of which more than 7 million are diagnosed each year. Be seen whether leaders of other countries also are aware of the importance of investing in research against dementia.

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