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The MOPEAD project, finalist of the Internet Award 2019


The European project MOPEAD, coordinated in Spain by Fundació ACE, reached yesterday the final of the Internet Award 2019, a prize granted since 1996 by the Association of Internet Users to innovative digital entities and initiatives, coinciding with the World Internet Day.

The project was ranked among the 3 best initiatives in the category of Research and Entrepreneurship in the field of health for being a pioneering study in Alzheimer's research and because of promoting a model of active citizen participation for an early detection of the disease.

The jury specifically assessed the work done in the first part of the project, which aims to promote the early detection of Alzheimer's disease and dementia through an online test, so that citizens can verify themselves their memory and cognitive functions.


The MOPEAD project

MOPEAD (Models of Patient Engagement for Alzheimer's Disease), promoted by the European Federation of Associations of the Pharmaceutical Industry (EFPIA) and the European Union through the IMI consortium (Innovative Medicines Initiative), is a European initiative that wants to give citizens an active role in the early detection of Alzheimer's.

The study aims to test the effectiveness of four models to diagnose the disease in mild or previous stages: an online questionnaire, the Open Door Days in specialized memory centers, a 10-minute test conducted by primary care physicians and a neuropsychological test for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, considered a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

Internet Awards

In 2019 it has been celebrated the XXIV edition of the Internet Awards that are given, every year since 1996, to mark the celebration of the World Information Society Day, popularly known as #WorldInternetDay. This day has the goal to invite society to reflect on how the Internet can contribute to accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


MOPEAD at the cerimony of the Internet Award 2019



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