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Presence at the 27AEC


Fundació ACE will be present at 27AEC, the 27th Alzheimer Europe Conference. Two scientific posters are presented in Berlin, the site of the conference: one about the academic program designed for the Fundació ACE and another about the medical contingency service of the Fundació ACE Diagnostic Unit. The conference will begin on October 2 and will end on October 4. This year, it is celebrated under the motto "care today, cure tomorrow".

The focus of this edition will be on prevention, in research aimed at finding better quality treatments to prevent or delay the early onset of dementia, organizers explain on their website.

Dr. Mercè Boada will participate in the conference organized with the support of the European Commission, as rapporteur of the two posters. The school program, "Connects with Alzheimer's" is an ACE initiative that has been carried out thanks to the donation of a family assisted by the Foundation team. It is a didactic guide designed jointly between clinicians and pedagogues so that they can be applied in classrooms. The goal is to make the disease known to children and adolescents who are indirect recipients of the effects of Alzheimer's disease, because they will affect very important people in their development.

The contingency service of the Diagnostic Unit of the Fundació ACE is a service recognized by the Generalitat as a model of good practice. It consists of answering telephone inquiries, via mail or in person about contingencies that can leave the day to day with the patients. They are consultations that can be formulated by family members as well as professional assistants or caregivers or external health personnel.

On the other hand, it will be in the same 27AEC where the MOPEAD (Models of Patient Engagement for Alzheimer's Disease) project will be presented. This project, led by the Fundació ACE, is jointly funded by the IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) and EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations).


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