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Fundació ACE presents 5 scientific posters and 3 oral communications at the AAIC 2020

As every year, the experts from Fundació ACE will once again be present at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2020 (AAIC), which this year will be held virtually and free of charge from 27 to 31 July.

During this week, our team of researchers will have the opportunity to present 5 scientific posters and 3 oral communications with the latest advances in genetics and early detection of Alzheimer's.

The Chief Medical Officer of Fundació ACE, Dr. Mercè Boada, will give an oral presentation on the MOPEAD project, as the researcher coordinating this European project. Dr. Boada will also preside over a prominent research session on neuropsychology and awareness of cognitive abilities and subjective cognitive impairment, as well as lead an oral communication with Carla Abdelnour on the clinical trials being conducted at the entity. She will also participate in a scientific session on advances in clinical trials, scheduled within the ISTAART Professional Interest Area (PIA).

The Deputy Head of the Clinical Trials Unit, Carla Abdelnour, will also have a prominent participation in this congress, with three oral communications, two presentations and the moderation of two sessions.

MOPEAD, ADAPTED and AMYPAD projects, in which Fundació ACE participates, will also have their space. The MOPEAD project, which has been led by Fundació ACE, will present 4 scientific posters, an oral communication and an outstanding research session, chaired by Dr. Boada. ADAPTED will present two scientific posters and three monographic sessions, while AMYPAD will present 3 oral communications. The AMBAR clinical trial, in which Fundació ACE is also participating, will present a scientific poster.

The AICC, organized by the prestigious Alzheimer's Association, is one of the leading annual conferences at an international level within the Alzheimer's and dementia sector.

Experts from more than 70 countries of the world meet each year at the AAIC. The congress serves as a platform to expose the main progresses in the research of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.

This is the list of posters and presentations presented by the experts of Fundació ACE in this edition of the congress:


Comparison of automated CLEIA and manual ELISA immunoassays for CSF AD biomarkers: the Fundació ACE biomarker research program (FACEBREP) – Adela Orellana

Common variants in Alzheimer’s disease: Novel association of six genetic variants with AD and risk stratification by polygenic risk scores – Itziar de Rojas

The Aβ42/Aβ40 ratio in plasma is associated with amyloid-PET status and rate of progression  in individuals with subjective cognitive decline – Itziar de Rojas

A computerized version of the Short Form of the Face-Name Associative Memory Exam (FACEmemory) for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease – Montserrat Alegret

Interaction of neuropsychiatric symptoms with APOEe4 and conversion to dementia in MCI patients in a Memory Clinic – Sergi Valero


How gender and sex influence clinical trials recruitment in Alzheimer´s disease:  Findings from Fundació ACE Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment and Research Center – Carla Abdelnour

The heterogeneity within dementia with Lewy bodies – Carla Abdelnour
F3-01-04 Gender and sex bias in clinical trials recruitment in Alzheimer´s disease: Findings  from Fundació ACE  – Mercè Boada, Carla Abdelnour


SCR3-05 Neuropsychology: Awareness Of Cognitive Capacities And Subjective Cognitive Decline. Pre-screening models for patient engagement, the MOPEAD Project  – MOPEAD, Mercè Boada

LBD PIA: Presentation: The heterogeneity within dementia with Lewy bodies – Carla Abdelnour   

Remote monitoring in AD – Carla Abdelnour 


Clinical Trials Advancement And Methods
Gregory Jicha, Ruth Peters, Suzanne Schindler, Serge Gauthier, Eseosa Ighodaro, Erin Abner, Catherine Mummery, Carla Abdelnour, Ricardo Allegri, Mercè Boada, Craig Ritchie, Jort Vijverberg, Walter Kukull, Stephen Salloway.


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