Dr. Amanda Cano receives the Sara Borrell contract

The Instituto de Salud Carlos III has awarded one of the Sara Borrell contracts to Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona. Within the entity, Dr. Amanda Cano will be the beneficiary of this work contract, aimed at recent PhD graduates in the field of health sciences and technologies, to further develop and improve their training.

Dr. Cano is the author of more than 78 scientific publications in national and international journals and conferences. Currently, her work is focused on the investigation of exosomes as biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease and she is the principal investigator of the new BIOPEXAL project, being the youngest researcher to lead a project at Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

Thanks to the award of the Sara Borrell contract, promoted by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Dr. Cano will have a 3-year work contract with a total funding of 95,000 euros in gross salary.

Initiatives such as this one are a firm commitment to young talent and are aimed at incorporating young researchers into the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System, promoting their professional careers and strengthening the capacity of the research groups that the candidates join.

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