Barcelona-Pittsburgh to Kick Off with a Symposium on Genetic Counseling

On the upcoming 15th of May, the XIII Biennial Barcelona-Pittsburgh Conference will commence, a congress organized by Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona and the Alzheimer Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh which, every two years, gathers distinguished professionals of global renown in the field of dementia.

Ace closes the second day of this edition with an open access symposium, both online and in-person, in which professionals from the foundation will discuss the importance of genetic counseling as a predictive method for neurodegenerative diseases. All this within the framework of the GECONEU project, funded by the European Union.

A project aimed at improving people’s lives

GECONEU is a training program in genetic counseling aimed at enhancing the education of future health professionals by highlighting the utility and benefits of genetic tests as a predictive method for neurodegenerative diseases. Its main goal is to improve the knowledge society has about the benefits of these types of tests.

Genetic testing has become increasingly important in personalized medicine and in disease prevention, especially among healthy individuals with family history or patients with a genetic mutation. Through its results, it is possible to provide genetic counseling to individuals and families affected by a hereditary genetic condition to help them understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications.

A symposium aimed at explaining the benefits of genetic counseling

Dr. Victoria Fernández, head of Ace's genetics program, and researcher Andrea Miguel, who will present the project and explain the importance and relevance of genetic counseling in educating and preventing various diseases through genetics.

Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona organizes this symposium for health professionals to learn about the impact and importance of genetic counseling in personalized medicine and hereditary neurodegenerative diseases.

Those interested can attend in person at the Hotel Porta Fira, or, if they prefer, attend online. The event will take place on May 16th at 5:20 PM, registrations are open on the following form.

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