Doctors Mercè Boada and Amanda Cano, among the most influential researchers in the world

Dr. Boada, neurologist and medical director of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, and Dr. Cano, head of the Molecular Biology and Biomarkers program, appear on the list of the most influential researchers in the world, prepared by Stanford University and published in the scientific journal Elsevier.

The prestigious American university has created this database of the 100,000 most cited scientists in the world to provide information on their citations, h-index, adjusted hm-index, citations of articles in different authorship positions and a composite indicator (c-score). All of them are indices of professional quality of the works and research presented.

Thus, the co-founder of Ace has joined the ranking thanks to the 289 articles published in her career, which have been cited 2,590 times during the year 2022.

For her part, Dr. Amanda Cano appears on the list thanks to the 65 articles published since 2016, which have been cited 666 times during 2022.

Currently, Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona has several lines of research with the aim of finding digital and plasma biomarkers, as well as new genes that allow expanding therapeutic targets and developing new innovative treatments that can slow the course of the disease.

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