The biennial Barcelona-Pittsburgh conference is back

After postponing in 2020 the model Barcelona conference in the field of dementias, Barcelona-Pittsburgh returns to present the latest advances in genetics and biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease and to discuss the emergence of telemedicine and precision medicine as prominent topics in this edition.

The XII edition of the Barcelona-Pittsburgh biennial conference will be held from 1st to 3rd June 2022 in La Pedrera (Barcelona). Registrations are now open in two modalities, in-person and online.

You can buy your ticket here.

In the words of Dr. Mercè Boada, chief medical officer of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona and director of the conference, “we are very excited about this twelfth edition of Barcelona-Pittsburgh. We have confirmed renowned speakers to take a stance on the forefront of the research on dementias. We are making a high-quality ecosystem for all of them with the ultimate goal of benefiting people with Alzheimer's and their families."

For his part, Dr. Agustín Ruiz, director of research at Ace and director of the Barcelona-Pittsburgh conference, points out that “the organization has contacted the best researchers in each field of action in relation to dementia. After two years of Covid-19, we are looking forward to meeting, exchanging ideas and sharing with other colleagues the latest advances in genomic and clinical research. I am sure that this edition of BCNPIT will echo in the scientific world about Alzheimer's”.

A program to advance in the knowledge of Alzheimer's

For three intense days, the most renowned researchers in the world of dementias will speak about the latest developments.

To give some examples of the BCNPIT 2022 program; Dr. Charlotte Teunissen, together with Dr. Amanda Cano and Dr. Andrea Pilotto will talk about the challenges in the search for new innovative and less invasive biomarkers. In relation to this, Dr. Arfan Ikram, together with Dr. Marc Suárez-Calvet and Dr. Alberto Lleó will enter fully into the development of new plasma biomarkers to diagnose Alzheimer's disease.

New treatments will also have their space at this year's conference. Thus, together with Grifols, Dr. Boada will present data on plasmapheresis treatment in people with Alzheimer's, as well as the latest advances in therapeutic treatments for Alzheimer's disease, a conference that will be given together with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry that develop cutting-edge clinical trials.

In addition, during these three days there will be an opportunity to put on the table the emergence of telemedicine, a care system that continues to offer challenges to professionals given its rapid penetration into health systems.

You can consult the BCNPIT program here.

Grifols and Roche are the main sponsors of the biennial Barcelona-Pittsburgh 2022 conference.

Registrations open for Barcelona-Pittsburgh 2022

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