The foundation:

A year with the RAMCIP project

This January marks one year of the program RAMCIP (Robotic Assistant for Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients), a project funded by the European Commission, which aims to design and build a robot that can help patients mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer probable daily activities at home.

ACE Foundation participates assessing needs they may have patients in their homes and possible collaboration robotic machine that can give them. For example, some of the tasks that have determined the ACE Foundation are professionals: do a scan of the patient’s vital signs to detect if gas has been left open or if there is smoke or control medication taken.

The project includes the participation of several European partners. In March 2016 Poland will present the first version of the robot (V1) and in April 2017 will begin pilot testing with patients, first with a control group of healthy patients and then with a group of patients with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer probable.

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