What to do when my partner is diagnosed with early-onset dementia?

In dementias, nothing is written. What we may think is a pathology of the elderly, is not always so. Currently, the percentage of people between 50 and 65 years of age who develop this disease is increasing, which has an impact on families because the patient is usually in working age, with mortgages or in the care of minor children.

In this situation, it is normal to be misinformed and the high impact of the diagnosis worsen the situation for the families. For this reason, Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona offers support and training groups for spouses of people with early-onset dementia.

These groups consist of 10 sessions, once a week, every Thursday afternoon in an online format, aimed at couples of people who have been diagnosed with early-onset dementia (that is, before the age of 65).

Directed by a psychologist and a social worker from Ace Alzheimer Center, the sessions aim to clarify doubts about the dementia process, facilitate strategies for managing symptoms and inform about care, resources and support services, as well as offer emotional support. Knowledge that is also acquired through the shared experience of the other participants in the group.

Sessions are open and free. To register, it is essential to contact our Social Work team at or by phone at 93 430 47 20.

Alzheimer's has no age

At Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona we work to sensitize and make society aware that, despite the belief that Alzheimer's is a pathology of the elderly, on many occasions it is not.

More and more often we find middle-aged people, professionally active and with family responsibilities, who are diagnosed with dementia.

Given this, the solution is an early detection of cognitive impairment that allows us to start a treatment that can delay the onset of Alzheimer's.

Enter in our test Facememory® to find out your cognitive performance or, if you are over 50 years old, check your memory for free with Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

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