Dr. Isabel Hernández says goodbye to Ace's families and colleagues

After 25 years at Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, Isabel Hernández, the entity's clinical manager since its inception, says goodbye to her work stage.

It is not easy to say goodbye to one of the professionals who has made the biggest mark on Ace.

Dr. Hernández joined the project that Dr. Mercè Boada and Lluís Tárraga were promoting and built the foundations of what is now the Diagnostic Unit, one of the flags of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona for its quality and commitment to the people who live with dementia. In this letter,

Dr. Hernández farewells to Ace and the families she has accompanied during all these years:

It has been months since I announced my decision to start a new cycle in my life and start another life stage with my family and, why not, do other types of activities.

The time has arrived and I would like to share some reflections with all of you.

It has been 25 years since I started my journey in, at that time, Fundació ACE by the hand of Mercè and Lluís. They bet on me to start the project of the Diagnostic Unit and that is why I will be eternally grateful to them for having allowed me to go through my professional career with them, which I have always practiced with dedication and following my vocation.

Needless to say, there have been years of exponential growth of the Diagnostic Unit (neurologists, geriatricians, neuropsychologists, social workers ...) where day by day I have tried to be by their side from my small plot, transmitting confidence and support to all those who have passed by. I hope and wish I have transmitted my enthusiasm and dedication to the world of dementias.

I appreciate the great professionalism of the nursing team, which does a great job adapting to the care and attention that the people at Ace require.

Clinical trials team; Thank you for your work to create a leading unit in Spain, Europe and the United States recognized for its quality and appreciated and claimed.

Thanks to the Day Care Unit, which has allowed me to interact with patients and learn through them and their caregivers.

Thanks to the Research Unit that since its creation has kept me alert and curious. I hope that my collaboration as a clinician has been useful for the projects that have been managed over the years.

And I cannot finish without thanking all the people in the administration and direction for their dedication in the task of keeping the machinery of this institution moving.

Surely, I left something or someone to thank. You have been many and many who have been by my side all these years, sharing, supporting me and encouraging me in all times and circumstances.

My work does not end here, I only move away to make way for the new generations. You know that you have me here for what you need ... 25 years have gone a long way.

As Paulo Coelho says: "If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello"


Thank you all and a very strong virtual hug.