Facememory, the first validated online test in English to check your memory

At Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona we have been diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases for more than 20 years. Our daily and close contact with the people who visit the Memory Unit and their families, as well as our experience, tells us that tests to detect possible cognitive impairment must be adjusted to the psycho-social context of the user so that they are rigorous and show reliable results.

For this reason, and thanks to the effort of the neuropsychologists of the Diagnostic Unit, Ace has developed Facememory in Catalan, Spanish and English. In the case of Catalan, users of this language do not have any other validated test for detecting cognitive impairment.

Thanks to this functionality, the online test to check memory is more rigorous and reliable since the user who is being assessed for cognition does so in his or her mother tongue.

The importance of language in neuropsychological tests

Alzheimer's disease affects different cognitive abilities, such as language.

People with cognitive impairment can develop aphasias that affect the ability to write, speak and even understand verbal and/or written language.

Facememory, Ace's online neuropsychological test battery, is a self-administered test which must be understandable for the person who has to execute it. Therefore, having the possibility of reviewing memory with a test available in the mother tongue of the person whose memory is being assessed increases the chances of an accurate, unbiased diagnosis, which is what we always aspire to at Ace.

Active listening to users and families

During more than 20 years of experience in face-to-face diagnosis and, for the last two years, also by telematic means, we have collected comments and suggestions from users and families on the neuropsychological tests administered by Ace.

Thanks to active listening, Facememory is available in Catalan, Spanish and English. A feature that was always present during the development process of the tool and that contributes to making Facememory a reliable, rigorous and validated test to detect problems in cognition.

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