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The Daycare Unit restarts the Memory Workshops online

The Daycare Unit of Fundació ACE has restarted the Memory Workshops this week, an initiative that has been very well received by all users. The workshops, which are now being given online, are coordinated by evaluation psychologist Joan Hernández and occupational therapist Maribel Vera.

In the first sessions, users have shared their writings on how they are living these weeks of the pandemic by COVID-19. Thus, Pedro Rojas assures that "the coronavirus makes us stay home and, if we go out, we have to wear the mask, but this way I will be happy without danger". Andrés Sánchez explains that "I suffered a stroke and have continued in confinement and, if I go out into the street, I only walk a kilometre because I have to keep watch with my leg". For his part, Josep Lluís Manobens considers that "this pandemic is a new and very serious experience. We are lucky not to have any family or friends infected and I hope that a remedy will be found soon".

The importance of routines and schedules

There are users who have created their own routines and recognize that they are not doing so badly by remaining confined. For example, Enrica remembers that her daughter, who lives in Valencia, came to visit her when the state of alarm was declared and she could no longer return. For her, it was "a joy because this way I wasn't left alone at home". Between the two of them, they organize a schedule and activities every day: "We do gymnastics, memory exercises, cleaning, cooking, playing Scrabble, watching movies, walking around the apartment and even making mandalas".

The case of Gonzalo Vidal-Quadras is the opposite: he caught the situation spending the weekend in Puigcerdà and from there he connects to the workshops. He and his wife have acquired new routines, but even so he asks himself: "How is it possible that, today, we have to confine ourselves because a new enemy of health has appeared by surprise without our having foreseen it and without being prepared?". Another user, Josep Serrano, states that "I have felt fear of contagion and have been very surprised by the global importance of this virus".

Also Pilar Abril shared in the workshop that "every day I forget more things and I feel more absent-minded, but I really want to go back to the face-to-face classes, because they air me out, make me happy and are very invigorating. I've been very lucky with the teacher and my classmates". And Ferran admits that "my wife and I have never spent so many days alone, and we've done so well!".

There are many more sensations that the participants of the Memory Workshops have shared in these first sessions. For Fernando Rincón "it has meant a situation of physical distance from everyone, despite the new technologies. Confinement has given me the opportunity to read without time constraints and to organize my library". And Adriana states that "I was confined and did not have a prescription for a medicine for depression. You could have gotten it. You can't imagine how much I love you all!".

The memory stimulation workshops are aimed at people with memory loss. This type of therapeutic intervention makes it possible to maintain functional autonomy in the daily life of the affected person for as long as possible. The memory workshop groups are small, with a maximum of seven people, and the user attends two weekly sessions of one and a half hours.

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