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Registrations begin for the support group for people with a pre-senile couple

On November 5th starts the support group aimed at people who have coupled with Alzheimer's or other dementia diagnosed, pre-senile, which means they are less than 65 years old.

This initiative is part of the Fundació ACE "He/she is 48 years and has Alzheimer's disease. Now what?" project. It was launched in 2010 and it is coordinated by Dr. Pilar Cañabate, head of the social area of the Fundació. Participants will meet fortnightly with a psychologist and a social worker: those sessions combine training for the daily activity with a pre-senile person and emotional support in order to provide the best help possible.

Fundació ACE is the only organization that has a support group for this group of people: relatives who live immersed in an unexpected situation and difficult to fit into the everyday life of people suffering from the disease in ages so premature.

"Emotionally, there is a gulf between the people diagnosed with Alzheimer's and other dementias before 65 and after," says Dr. Cañabate. "And not just the caretaker: patient rights, aid to have access, family situation, etc. Sometimes they even have school-age children, a mortgage... "

Participation in the group is free thanks to a grant from the Department of Social and Family Welfare of the Government and is open to anyone who lives in the Catalan region this situation.

To register the Diagnostic Unit of the Fundació ACE has to be contacted (telephone 93 430 47 20) or either Dr. Pilar Cañabate (

Sessions will happen on Thursdays from 16:00 to 17:30 at the headquarters of ACE in Barcelona.


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