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Music from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Music and dance play an undisputed role in people's emotional well-being, and even more so in the current situation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aware of this essential value of music, several entities have launched proposals to bring music into homes through the Internet. 

From Fundació ACE we consider music an essential element to stimulate the capacity of memory and to promote the emotional side of people with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia, as well as to scientifically evaluate its improvement. 

For this reason, the project Estimul'Art Música was created with the users of the Day Centre and Hospital, which has now stopped due to the health crisis. This is one of the joint initiatives planned within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed between Fundació ACE and the Conservatori Liceu, to bring music closer to the users of the Day Care Unit.

Despite the fact that people with Alzheimer's disease cannot enjoy it in person, the Fundació Conservatori Liceu offers, through its website and its YouTube channel, a whole series of videos that the students have recorded from home, in which they perform different pieces, both songs and musical compositions with their instruments.

Thus, among the videos that can be enjoyed, the students of the Groove Band in the Modern Music and Jazz classroom of the Centre Professional Conservatori Liceu have made a version of “I feel Good” de James Brown. The World Music ensemble and the boys and girls of the elementary school choirs perform the song “Peixinhos do mar” from the confinement. There are also different piano, chamber music and guitar recitals available, which can be seen on the Fundació Conservatori Liceu website.

Support to the #Compassats project

In addition, during the pandemic, Fundació ACE has joined the project #Compassats, of the music therapy company Singular.

The project #Compassats brings together the music of music therapists and musicians who have volunteered to make their pieces available, with therapeutic suggestions, and to accompany those who live with Alzheimer's, both people affected by the disease and their caregivers, now that as a result of the crisis by the COVID-19 can not relate beyond home. You can see all the videos produced during these weeks through this link.

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