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Face-to-face memory workshops are back


This Monday, October 5th, after six months closed due to Covid-19 pandemic, the users of the Daycare Unit have returned to Fundació ACE to continue their therapy in person.

With the beginning of the state of alarm, about thirty users from our memory workshops followed the therapy telematically, adapting with success to this new reality. America Morera, deputy director of the Daycare Unit, positively values “the great reception of our users towards the telematic format. It was a challenge both for them and for the professionals of Fundació ACE and we have achieved great adherence to the online program. We can say that we have risen to the occasion”. However, the reopening of the Day Care Unit is “very good news. Despite the fact that during the months of confinement our users have been able to follow the therapy, one of the elements that offers most benefit to people with mild cognitive impairment is socialization. It is very important to offer them a suitable environment and the group meetings to normalize and socialize the problem is the added value that we offer with the memory workshops.

To ensure that there is no risk of contagion, Fundación ACE implements the following security measures:

  • Use of FFP2 mask.
  • Safety distance between users.
  • Hand hygiene and shoes disinfection.
  • The entrance and exit of users is separated for a correct disinfection of space and furniture.
  • Correct ventilation of the rooms.
  • Use of disposable gown for users.
  • Use of material not shared between users, provided by Fundación ACE.
  • Signature of the responsible declaration for the return of the face-to-face activity.

Fundación ACE has slightly modified the schedule in order to maintain the groups prior to the closure by Covid-19 and for the inclusion of new users.

The last activity that has resumed the face-to-face modality has been the memory workshops, since the beginning of the pandemic users were able to follow the therapy in online format and Fundación ACE has waited to have an exhaustive security protocol for a return to the classrooms with full guarantees.

Despite the return to presence, Fundación ACE continues with online memory workshops for those users at risk or people who still do not wish to use the classroom format.

For more information about the online or face-to-face memory workshops, you can contact América Morera at 610 59 59 43.

Fundación ACE will continue to await the indications of the health authorities

On March 16th, the Day Center, Day Hospital and Memory Workshops closed their doors exceptionally following the guidelines of the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families and the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To avoid interrupting the therapeutic process, key to improving the well-being of patients, Fundación ACE maintained telephone contact with users to monitor their progress and to guide them in activities. Likewise, a series of exercises was provided on the Fundación ACE website so that anyone with dementia could train their memory.

In mid-June, the Day Care Unit reopened its doors, but after a little more than a month and a half of activity, the face-to-face service was suspended due to the outbreaks of Coronavirus that were taking place in Barcelona

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