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Decalogue for family members physically away from the person with dementia


Fundació ACE professionals recommend that caregivers of people with dementia who are not physically close to the affected person establish several mechanisms to ensure their safety and detect any changes that may occur in their behaviour.

Precisely, in order to offer guidelines for caregivers to handle this situation, Fundació ACE developed a Decalogue with recommendations to facilitate this task. Among the advice given, we can find recommendations such as organizing a routine, simplifying the environment or accompanying the affected person with the economic management or giving support to keep a healthy and balanced diet.

Experts also warn about the importance of monitoring the medication because of the risk that the person with Alzheimer's can forget to take a medicine or, on the contrary, repeat an intake. Professionals also emphasize the need for the person with dementia to go to medical visits accompanied by someone else to be able to know the diagnosis with precision.

Finally, the Decalogue also explains the possibility of creating networks with close people (friends, neighbors, neighborhood stores, medical center staff, etc.) so that they can detect changes, help the person in case of confusion or realize if there is any change in usual routines.


New technologies, allies to deal with the disease

Among the tools that the Foundation recommends adopting, stands out the fact of taking advantage of new technologies (telephone, whatsapp, video calls, etc.) to avoid geographical distance. In advanced stages of the disease, telecare or the use of geolocation for external displacements can be very useful.


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