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Start-up campaign for World Alzheimer's Day 2017


Fundació ACE has released this week, fifteen days before World Day of Alzheimer's 2017, the central video of the Give Memory campaign. The video can be viewed on the Foundation's YouTube channel, on the website and on other corporate broadcast channels.

The idea of ​​this video continues in the line that Fundació ACE has been developing for some time. E The goal is to make people aware that Alzheimer's does not correspond to age. Alzheimer's is not a disease of the elderly. Fundació ACE's Daycare Hospital caters daily to 80 people under 65 years of age affected by the dementia that the WHO considers to be the fourth global health problem.

For this reason, Fundació will launch the Prevention and Early Detection Unit with the aim of encouraging initiatives that pursue this objective. The intention is to change the paradigm, that the message that memory is important and lose memory is not a matter of age, stop in society.



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