Mercè Boada, Muncunill Award for Innovation 2023

Terrassa City Council has decided to award the 2023 Muncunill Award for Honorary Innovation to Dr. Mercè Boada, founder and medical director of Ace, for her professional career. The Award ceremony (which includes 4 categories + the Honorary Award) will take place on May 4, at 6:30 p.m., at the Teatre Principal de Terrassa.

"I feel very happy and honored to be awarded this recognition," says Dr. Boada, about an award that, in previous editions, was awarded to people or entities of recognized prestige such as Ana Maria Lajusticia, Vicent Guallart, José Antonio Bayona or Laura Tremosa.

About the prizes

The Muncunill Innovation Awards, created in 2017, represent a benchmark for innovation projects throughout the country, while at the same time bringing the concept of "innovation" closer to the public, recognizing the work of those people, institutions or companies that are committed to innovation as an integral model, becoming a model of progress, well-being and service to society.

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