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Love and memory: the video of the 25 aniversary gala

The video reflects the atmosphere that was experienced last April 4. In the AXA Auditorium, Fundació ACE convened and organized the 25th anniversary celebration of their Daycare Center. The show was presented by journalist Josep Puigbó and the interviews were interspersed with performances by Grup Folk Montjuic, pianist Chiaki Shima and the prestigious catalan comedian Jordi LP. The event had two central interviews that capitalized much of the time. The first with the founders of the entity, Dr. Mercè Boada and Mr. Lluís Tárraga. They toured the history of the center and the Foundation, explaining the difficulties that had at the beginning and what has changed the environment and the perception of dementia in 25 years. The second interview was with a representative of ACE families, patients and gerocultores. Both those attending the gala and those who participated actively in it have been in contact with the organization to congratulate them for the excellent result of the event. Video production Mermelada Producciones

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