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James Keach visits Fundació ACE for his next film

The famous American documentary filmmaker traveled to Barcelona from 6 to 10 November and visited with his crew the Diagnostic Unit and Day Hospital of Fundació ACE. He is now starting a new project which will focus PCH Films such as the most famous documentary about him "I'll be me" -.

"I'll be me" was the life of singer Glenn Campbell and his struggle with the disease was diagnosed at 74 years. The film was nominated for an Oscar and a Grammy and won the prize in the documentary category at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards 2014, among others.

Now, James Keach want to start another documentary raised from the point of view of the researcher does not find a remedy. In the words of him "films is a classic formula to tell a story. Who is your hero, what does and what the stops to get it. In the world of Alzheimer's, the hero is the researcher. Want to find a cure for Alzheimer's. The mysterious and confusing complexity of the disease is what prevents achieve. But he perseveres."

The team led by James Keach had access to the facilities of ACE and was able to interview some patients and some staff members, and also did an extensive interview with Dr. Mercè Boada, who gave an overview of everything that makes the Foundation and its project.

One of the things I liked were artistic and technological initiatives launched Fundació ACE for cognitive stimulation patients; such as the Estimul'Art the cognitive work with iPads, projections, and so on.


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