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Her Majesty Queen Sofía visits Fundació ACE


Today Her Majesty Queen Sofia has visited the new facilities of Fundació ACE. In this private visit, Her Majesty, President of the Fundación Reina Sofía, wanted to know more about the work of the entity that in 2015 celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Dr. Mercè Boada, medical director of the Fundació ACE, presented her the different areas of activity of the Foundation (Diagnostic Unit, Day Care Unit, Research Unit and training and social awareness activities). Explanations have been made about the activity of the Diagnostic Unit and the Pharmacological Treatment Day Hospital, both of which are installed in the Foundation's headquarters. There Fundacio ACE develops the 22 clinical trials in which it is currently involved.

During her stay, the Queen greeted the staff and patients who were visiting the Unit. After touring by the facilities, the Queen met with the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Foundation and has been especially interested in the clinical, ethical and legal activities that are performed in favor of the patient and their environment.

It has aroused the interest of HM the Queen to know the Fundació ACE's diagnostic process closely. A process that develops a multidisciplinary team and starts from the principle of considering the person and their environment in a holistic way. Projects such as the Sitges Document, about the ethical-legal environment of people diagnosed with dementia, have generated an interesting debate among the participants in the meeting.

The Queen has finished her visit with the signature in the entity's Gold Book. Dr. Mercè Boada, medical director and co-founder of the Foundation, thanked the Queen, on behalf of the entity, for her presence and consideration.

reina sofía fundación aceThe board and the president of the Board of Trustees of Fundació ACE with Her Majesty Queen Sofia.






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