Cristina Mitre's podcast with Dr. Boada receives the Prize for Journalism in Personalized Precision Medicine

On Wednesday, March 29, the Roche Institute Foundation presented the 9th edition of the Prize for Journalism in Personalized Precision Medicine. The winner in the audiovisual media category was Cristina Mitre for her podcast “Alzheimer, el ladrón de la memoria”, in which the journalist interviewed Dr. Mercè Boada, neurologist, co-founder and medical director of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

The podcast gives an overview of what Alzheimer's is, how it manifests itself, the diagnostic process, the family impact, the types of dementia and available treatments, as well as emphasizing the importance of research. Cristina Miter and Dr. Boada give the keys to understanding Alzheimer's in a clear and direct way, with great sensitivity and remembering that "medicine is humanity."

Dr. Boada congratulated Cristina Miter for her great work in disseminating health issues and stressed that it is "great news to know that the podcast continues to help more people understand what Alzheimer's is and why we need to keep investigating to find the way to solve the puzzle”.

These awards seek to promote and recognize the work of journalists and the media in the dissemination of health issues, in addition to letting society know what Personalized Precision Medicine is and the key role it will play in the future of health and medical care.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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