Dr. Vanesa Pytel participates in the annual debate of FIATC Residencias

Dr. Vanesa Pytel, neurologist and director of the Diagnostic Unit of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, was one of the speakers at the fifth annual colloquium debate of FIATC Residencias, where she spoke about new innovative and non-invasive brain stimulation tools for people with cognitive impairment.

This year's debate focused on "Professional tools for the care of people with cognitive impairment". Dr. Pytel, together with Dr. Carlos Navas, geriatrician and director of ICAIME, and Josep Parera, psychologist at the Masies de Mollet residence, explained the different tools that exist today to care for people with dementia from psychology, medicine and through innovative therapies.

With regards to this, Vanesa Pytel focused on new, innovative and non-invasive therapies for cognitive stimulation and behavioral intervention. These therapies are complementary to pharmacological treatments and have a very promising potential to improve the quality of life of people with cognitive impairment.

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