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Colombian neurologist Francisco Lopera visits Fundació ACE


The prestigious Colombian neurologist Francisco Lopera visited this week the facilities of the ACE Foundation in a meeting with the Scientific Director of the entity, Dr. Agustín Ruiz. Lopera runs a clinical trial in the city of Medellín, a study focused on the genetic variant of Alzheimer's, which is one of the most unknown yet by science and Alzheimer's earlier onset. The ScientiticAmerican magazine has called Dr. Lopera "the neurologist that could change how Alzheimer's is treated in the world."

Dr. Francisco Lopera has been studying for 20 years the cases of a group of families from a region of Antioquia (Colombia) suffering a very specific case of hereditary Alzheimer's. This study has progressed over time and today it is supported with first-line pharmaceutical laboratories.

The aim of the trial is to find a drug for the carriers of a gene that assures anyone who has it, before the age of 50, will suffer the symptoms of cognitive impairment. The idea that the study conducted by Dr. Francisco Lopera wants to prove is whether the drug, given between 10 and 20 years before the symptoms, can make effective treatment against the disease.

It is estimated that when symptoms appear the person has already lost so many neurons that no treatment could slow down the disease process. It is for this reason that the study raises so much interest among the scientific community since it would mean a paradigm shift in what we know until now of Alzheimer's disease and possible treatments. During the visit to the Fundació ACE, Dr. Francisco Lopera has been able to visit the area of ​​clinical trials where more than 100 trials have been performed in 20 years and currently is carrying out 16.


@FundacioACE El Dr. Francisco Lopera, Medellín @AlcaldiadeMed,Colombia visitó nuestro centro. Bienvenido. Esperamos futuras colaboraciones

— Agustin Ruiz Laza (@jineto_ARL) 22 de abril de 2017
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