Blog | Alzheimer's care during the summer

One more year we have the summer and the holidays here and, also one more year, we are concerned about the leisure-care conciliation of a relative with Alzheimer's.

Is it incompatible to enjoy the summer while caring for a person with dementia? América Morera, deputy director of the Day Care Unit, says that “the most important thing is to adapt to the needs and abilities of each person, without giving up the holidays. It's about adjusting our time, resources and energy to the new situation so that summer can be a time of rest and comfort for everyone."

Still, we must be aware that spending more time with our family member with Alzheimer's requires good family planning and considering different situations to ensure the well-being of the person and ours as caregivers.

5 tips for caring for a person with Alzheimer's during the summer

1. Maintain cognitive and physical activity daily. Establish a series of guidelines or daily activities by getting the person involved in simple tasks such as setting the table or playing a game of dominoes. In this way we can avoid situations of anxiety or stress generated by an excess of stimuli. At Ace we also make resources available to families to practice cognition.

2. Beware of dehydration and heat stroke. High temperatures can cause a loss of fluids and mineral salts. People with dementia tend to feel less thirsty or do not remember when they drank, so it is especially important for caregivers to be careful to ensure that they maintain healthy habits and routines. Some tips we give from Ace are to drink water regularly, not to go outside during the hottest hours or to wear light clothes.

3. Take care of food. Summer can be accompanied by a relaxation in meals. It is important that people with dementia or Alzheimer's do not see their eating routine very altered. It is important not to eat very strong or hot dishes, it is recommended to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

4. Known environments and relaxed environments. They are best suited for a person with Alzheimer's so that they can feel comfortable avoiding situations of danger and disorientation. It is also recommended that they be accompanied at all times, especially in open spaces such as the beach or the park.

5. Enjoy quality time. It is normal for caregivers to feel overwhelmed at certain times, so asking for help on time is always advisable. In this way we can rest, do different activities that we feel like and enjoy moments to recharge our batteries.

From Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona we wish you a very good summer!


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