The benefits of gifting memory

On January 23rd, we were visited by Mónica Espadaler, a leading figure in the organization of sports, cultural, and social events, who has linked her professional and personal trajectory with support for charitable causes.

Evidence of this is the donation of the entire amount of funds raised on her 60th birthday to the projects of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

People like Mónica are those who contribute to the research of a disease that affects millions of people around the planet.

And me, what benefits do I get from donating?

The first 250 euros donated have an 80% deduction on the full amount of the income tax. Anything above 250 euros has a 40% deduction on the quota. For example, by making a donation of 250 euros, 200 euros (80% of the quota) will be deducted in the income tax.

What are the benefits of donating for your business?

The deduction for companies for donations to foundations and associations is 35% on the Corporate Tax. This deduction can increase to 40% in the third year if donations are made annually to the same foundation for an equal or higher amount.

Give memory

From Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, we want to highlight the importance of these donations, both for people suffering from a disease and for their relatives.

Thanks to all the individuals and purpose-driven companies, we will help to better raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease, serve more people, continue researching, and keep offering an integrated service.

Through this link, you can make a donation for the amount you consider most appropriate. Alternatively, you can also make your donation through Bizum by entering our ONG identifier 03674.

Through these acts, we can make Alzheimer's a thing of the past one day.

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