Cristina Riba and Josep Puigbó will present once again Alzheimer’s Night

The seventh edition of Alzheimer's Nigh has already a date and a venue. Next Tuesday, November 15th, we will meet at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to celebrate one of the most magical and charitable nights of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

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Great presenters for the return to a face-to-face Alzheimer’s Night

Once again, the Puigbó-Riba tandem will present Alzheimer's Night. After two editions conducting the event in online format, in this 7th edition of Alzheimer's Night, Cristina Riba and Josep Puigbó will host the event in person.

Josep Puigbó, a renowned journalist with a long career in radio and television where he has presented the news on TV3 and Televisión Española, is already a veteran of Alzheimer's Night. "Beating Alzheimer's is one of the great challenges of science" remarks Puigbó, who has been collaborating with Ace for years in its solidarity night. He emphasizes his commitment to Alzheimer's Night, an event "more necessary than ever to make the Acehealth project possible, which will provide people, anywhere, with quality care from the professionals of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona".

The journalist and current presenter of the TV3 weekend news program, Cristina Riba, will debut this year in the face-to-face format of the gala, after two years co-presenting the event online. Riba faces this edition of Alzheimer’s Night with great enthusiasm and making a call for solidarity. “We need an involved and cooperative society to help and facilitate the lives of people who live with Alzheimer's. The Acehealth project is a clear example of the will and commitment to achieve this goal”.

Ace’s solidarity night

Alzheimer’s Night was created 7 years ago with the aim of promoting projects in favor of research and care for people with cognitive impairment. For the past three years, the benefits of the gala have gone to the AceHealth project, a telematic assistance platform whose aim is to offer comprehensive care to all people with Alzheimer’s disease, their families and caregivers, throughout the world.

The funds raised in this seventh edition will go to the implementation of the second phase of the project, with which we are getting closer to getting a personalized telematic assistance that bridges distances.

Alzheimer’s Night 2022 is possible thanks to the charitable organizations that collaborate: Telstar, Kern Pharma, La Vanguardia, Oliva Torras, Greenaltech and PeixaCasa.

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Alzheimer’s Night is back!

The seventh edition of Alzheimer’s Night will be held on November 15th at 7pm at the Hotel Mandarín Oriental. Solidarity will join with culture and music to support the second phase of the AceHealth project.