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The undersigned entities express the most forceful condemnation of the abuse of force and the use of violence by the state security forces against the citizens of Catalonia on the Referendum Day. It is entirely intolerable that, as a consequence of this unjustified violence, 893catalans were injured when they exercised their right of expression peacefully. In this sense, we want to highlight our support and solidarity with the victims of police repression and also with their families and friends.

Entities also express our total rejection against this abuse that directly attacks several rights such as the one of expression, of manifestation and that of assembly, which is not proper to free and democratic societies.

We also express our appreciation to all the emergency professionals and health centers in Catalonia that, once again in an extremely complicated situation, gave an excellent attention to the wounded. On the other hand, we are proud of the response of Catalan society and we reaffirm ourselves in the defense of democracy, freedoms and institutions. Again, we reiterate our support for the actions of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia. From our point of view, we will continue to work for the health and well-being of people as well as for the health of democracy.

Barcelona, ​​October 2, 2017

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