Ace Alzheimer Center participates in the XVIII scientific forum of CIBERNED

Between April 10th and 12th, Bilbao will host the new edition of the international congress on neurodegenerative diseases, in which members of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona will participate.

Dr. Boada will open the new academic year of the UAB Master’s Degree in Neurosciences

The medical director of Fundació ACE, Dr. Mercè Boada, will be the guest speaker of the inaugural lecture of the 2018-19 academic year of the Master’s Degree in Neurosciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Fundació ACE travels to Brussels to discuss Alzheimer's from a European perspective

A delegation from Fundació ACE led by its medical director, Dr. Mercè Boada, and the deputy director, Dr. Alba Benaque, attended this week in Brussels to several events to join efforts in the fight against Alzheimer's at European level.

Fundació ACE trains volunteers of Amics de la gent Gran in the approach of dementia

Fundació ACE led this September a course on dementia for volunteers of the association Amics de la Gent Gran.

Fundació ACE collaborates with Fundación Alícia in the I Professional Conference on Nutrition for a Healthy Aging

Fundació ACE participated in the I Professional Food Conference on Nutrition for Healthy Aging, organized by Alícia Foundation, offering different lectures on nutrition and cognitive impairment.

Fundació ACE presents the GR@CE study on genomics of Alzheimer's at CIIIEN 2018

Agustín Ruiz, head of research at Fundació ACE, took part in September 21st in the V edition of the International Congress on Innovation and Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIIIEN) that was hold in Santiago de Compostela.