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New workshop on recreational activities for relatives of people with dementia


Workshop on recreational activities for relatives of people with dementia


Fundació ACE begins today to implement the new workshops on recreational activities, aiming to train relatives and carers of people diagnosed with dementia in the development of stimulatory activities at home.

The goal of the project is to give knowledge and strategies, both theoretical and practical, to provide caregivers with tools to keep the person with dementia active in an effective way.


Workshops to keep the activity

In many cases, family members show difficulties in keeping the person with cognitive impairment active at home when, as a result of cognitive loss, they cannot carry out the activities they used to keep until that moment.

This lack of activity, related to the apathy that causes the same disease, leads in most cases to behavioral disorders, erratic ambulation or abnormal motor behaviour, having an impact on family dynamics and the well-being of the affected person.

These recreational workshops, which have a capacity of 50 people, will be held at Fundació ACE headquarters every two months. The sessions, which have a duration of 2 hours, are led by two expert in dementia of the Foundation.

For further information or enrollment, please contact Pilar Cañabate, by writing to



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