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Sonia Moreno, geneticist at Fundació ACE, presents her doctoral thesis


The geneticist Sonia Moreno Grau, a researcher at Fundació ACE Research Unit, presented her PhD thesis on genetics in the field of Alzheimer's at the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona on Friday, November 29th.

In this thesis, directed by Agustín Ruiz, Head of Research at Fundació ACE, the genetics of people with Alzheimer's disease have been studied in order to find out how their genes can determine the type of pathology they have.


All the team at Fundació ACE, sends her a sincere message of congratulations. 

Congrats, Sonia!


Hoy presenta su tesis doctoral Sonia Moreno, investigadora de Fundació ACE. Así nos explicaba hace unos días, el tema de su trabajo: ⏯#womeninscience #research #genetics

— Fundació ACE (@FundacioACE) November 29, 2019


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