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Workshop: Scents of memory


The Indukern Group organized this month of April, in collaboration with Fundació ACE, several aromatherapy workshops aimed at users of the Foundation’s Daycare Unit. The workshops, entitled "The scents of memory", are aimed to enhance through olfactory stimulation the memories and experiences of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

In the sessions, the attendees were invited to recognize different scents placed on strips, such as chocolate, lemon, lavender, rose or vanilla. Once the users guessed the aromas, they had the chance to explain and share with the group all the memories that the scents evoked to them, helped by other elements such as objects, photographs or music.

"The smell is a sense that normally we do not work much but it is very useful when it comes to fooster memory and bringing us back to other moments in our lives. In fact, it is interesting to explore the possibilities offered by aromas as a tool to evoke memories, "explains Amèrica Morera, deputy director of Fundació ACE Day Care Unit.


Aromatherapy workshops

Aromatherapy workshops

Aromatherapy workshops



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