Thank you very much!


In the current context of crisis, from Fundació ACE we want to express our most sincere thanks to all those people and entities that, despite the pandemic, have continued to support us.

It is thanks to this support that we can continue with our task and offer the best care to people with Alzheimer's or dementia in the exceptional circumstances in which we live.

Thank you very much because, through your contribution, we have been able to continue with the best care for people with dementia or Alzheimer's and their families.

Dr. Alba Benaque, general director of Fundació ACE, has expressed the gratitude of the entire team and assured that "despite the fact that the future presents several challenges to be faced, finding good travel companions is fundamental in order to continue innovating and learning to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and to advance in the knowledge of the illness".

Thank you, therefore, to the following people or entities that continue to offer us their support:

- Kern Pharma

- Fundació Conservatori Liceu

- Majoral

- Telstar

- Official College of Doctors of Barcelona (CoMB)

- Berry Global


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