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Memory and emotion, a growing initiative in the US

January is the month of awareness against Alzheimer’s disease in the United States (US). This, coupled with the new budget that will allocate the Obama administration is reason to promote activities such as SPARK!.

Promoted jointly by the museum and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association, the project SPARK! is to open a new space, a new kind of visit for patients with Alzheimer’s dementia and their families. The aim is to provide the patient and his family an experience that awakens your memory and emotional memories associated with it.

Furthermore, an advantage that relatives can accompany the sick, explains Elaine Lofquist, spouse of a patient with Alzheimer’s, to the Startribune:“when you do something like this, it feels more like a date. It really is wonderful for the care partner to have that sense of well-being outside of the frustrations that go on in the house.”

Has 11 museums that have joined the program SPARK! and the trend continues. “As society has changed, so has the work of museums,” says the American Alliance of Museums. Dementia, they argue, does not mean that people can’t enjoy artistic heritage.

The same initiative is what we have been carrying oout since 2014 in Catalonia, the Frederic Marès Museum, the History Museum of Barcelona and Fundació ACE: the Estimul’Art program. During the year, the Alzheimer visit both museums accompanied by carers and relatives and made them a guided tour tailored to their needs.

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