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"I am not much for writing but thinking about my wife I did"

Mr. Ferran Casadesús and Mrs. Iolanda Sanz de la Iglesia collected the ACE Award in poetry and short stories, respectively, on Friday April 29. The theme of the contest that was held this year for the first time was "We are all necessary."

The event led Mr. Antoni Gelonch, Public Affairs Officer of the Fundació began by thanking the participants of the contest offered to present their works to the first edition of this competition support. Subsequently, Mr. Gelonch read the minutes to announce the winners who came out to collect the diploma.

Although the contest prize was two tickets for a concert in 2016 at the Palau de la Música, the Foundation feted the winners with a copy of "La memoria está en los besos" written by Dr. Merce Boada, recently awarded Cross of Sant Jordi, and Mr. Lluís Tárraga, director General of Fundació ACE.

After the gala, the winners and attendees were able to share a brief chat. Mr. Casadesús, awarded in poetry, said that he had participated in the contest thanks to his wife: "I am not much for writing but thinking about my wife I was inspired... I went out." The jury chose the winners based on several criteria including linguistic correctness. The poems and stories finalists will be presented in an electronic book, published by the Fundació ACE.


From left to right: Mr. Antoni Gelonch, Director of Corporate Relations of Fundació ACE, Mr. Lluís Tárraga, Director General of Fundació ACE, Mrs. Iolanda Sanz, winner of the category of short story, Dr. Merce Boada, Medical Director.. Fundació ACE and Mr. Ferran Casadesús, winner of the category of poems.
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