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Christmas with Alzheimer's

    Every year, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, most families get together to spend time together. They are days of celebrations, of changes and it is inevitable that they affect everyone: also the people who live with Alzheimer's Disease. In two weeks many holidays are concentrated, dates that, as is logical, modify the routine that, for people affected by Alzheimer's, is so necessary. The goal of this decalogue is to help families that have someone affected by dementia to focus on it easily. On the one hand, the main caregiver must be able to rest and take advantage to recover strength and, on the other hand, the person with Alzheimer must be able to maintain a routine that makes them feel safe and confident, to avoid mood swings or emotional alterations. The person with Alzheimer's disease loses cognitive but not emotional abilities during the course of the disease. He is able to enjoy, feel and suffer like any other. Making her feel loved, respected, being part of the family or the group is the best gift we can give her: a party that is a time of comfort and happiness for all. 1. It is recommended that the patient celebrate these holidays in a familiar environment. If it is possible and it is the house of another person or of a restaurant, it is necessary to ensure that it is relaxed. Avoid topics of conversation that can excite you excessively. Children should be explained in an understandable way, taking care that the sick person does not get overwhelmed by the play of the little ones. 2. It is a good idea to make them participants in the organization of the celebrations, according to the capacity of each one, with simple and supervised works if necessary. 3. There is no need to limit the groups, the person with Alzheimer's can also participate in these parties. You should not enter into conflict because of your way of dressing, but tactfully, you must get the dress to suit the environment of the parties. 4. To manage anxiety, it is best to physically separate it from the place where it is and do some relaxed activity. 5. In the presence of people who do not see frequently, it may happen that the patient does not recognize them or does not remember their names. It is not necessary to insist that they know them. 6. Food and drink should be watched. Often, people with Alzheimer's do not detect the sensation of being full and continue to eat, which can generate later discomfort. With the drink you have to be careful because you can interact with the medication. 7. Regularity in stools and urination habits should be maintained. 8. We must try to maintain the usual cognitive and physical activity on the days of the holidays. Read, play, walk, paint, dance ... 9. Care should be taken to have a relaxed atmosphere, without strident and unpleasant noises, without fuss. And above all, if the person with dementia disconnects from the conversation or stops participating, it is important to respect this pause, but pay attention equally to their needs. 10. It must be Christmas for everyone. The main caregiver should be helped and it is important to organize so that everything does not fall on the same person. The person with Alzheimer's, in the course of the disease loses cognitive abilities, but not emotional. You have to make her feel loved, respected and part of the family or group.          

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