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Alzheimer: the chemistry of memories


Mercè Boada, medical director and co-founder of Fundació ACE, participated yesterday in the INFARMA 2019 congress. This event brings together the majority of the pharmaceutical sector in Spain every year and it is organized by the Official Pharmaceutical Colleges of Madrid and Barcelona, among others.

The speech of Dr. Mercè Boada "Alzheimer: the chemistry of memories" raised the growing need for timely diagnosis of pathologies of memory, among other issues. Boada placed special emphasis on the economic investment that Alzheimer's receives in relation to other pathologies that, unlike Alzheimer's, have treatment or affect fewer people than dementia.

In this thirty-first edition, the organizers of the event were expecting the attendance of 33,000 professionals in the pharmaceutical sector and the participation of 350 exhibitors and co-exhibitors; as well as the presence of 400 companies, with more than a thousand brands exposed.




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